Dr Jon Berkowitz

Dr. Jon is a well-travelled Vet with over 30 years of experience with small animals. He grew up in a home where his parents rescued and fostered many stray cats and dogs before rehoming them. There were many failed fostering so Dr Jon ended up living with 12 cats and 7 dogs. He has worked in South Africa, London and New Zealand before immigrating to Australia over 15 years ago with his beloved cat who lived to a wonderful 19 years. Dr Jon has the philosophy that if he does not see/operate on a condition more than 50 times a year he refers for quicker diagnosis and healing for the patient. Dr Jon lives with Jackie, 2 children and their Border Collie , Taffy.

Dr Steven Cooney

Dr Steven has over 40 years veterinary experience. Dr Steven has been in the Maroubra area since 1974. His current practice has been around since 2015. He has helped thousands of pets in the Maroubra area and is well known for his practical and ethical approach.

Dr Steven has an affinity for helping charities and does a lot of work with Animal Welfare League and The Cat Protection society.


Amanda is just passionate for animals. Her connection with them comes since childhood, a place full of magic for her, in Brazil. The magic began when she started noticing how beautifully her grandmas helped them. Amanda graduated in Brazil as a veterinarian 7 years ago. She worked as a veterinarian in Brazil for 4 years before coming to Sydney. Unfortunately, her degree is not yet recognized here so Amanda decided to work as a vet nurse. We are very fortunate to have Amanda here with us. Her skill, love and compassion for pets fits into our philosophy.

Honest practical care

we have treated thousands of pets and use our experience and modern medicine to treat practically.
We use our judgement to refer when needed. See what some of our clients say about us