Consult for 20 mins$99.00
All vaccines include a clinical examination
Yearly dog C5 vaccine$130.00
Dog Leptospirosis vaccine$53.00
Yearly cat F3 vaccine$125.00
Early finish 10 week  puppy vaccine$165.00
All surgeries include pain meds
Cat male desex$230.00- includes pain meds
Cat female desex$425.00- includes pre and post op pain meds
Dog male desex(0-12 kg)$495.00- includes i/v drip ,pre & post op pain meds(Opoid and NSAID) E collar
Dog female desex(0-12kg and below 15 months)$605.00- includes i/v drip ,pre & post op pain meds(Opoid and NSAID ) E Collar
Dental(0-10kg)Routine scale and polish $575.00. Additional costs for larger pets, pre dental antibiotics, dental x-rays , extractions, and i/v drip

Included in operations are a post op check up and sutures out (if needed). For desexing we update the registry for you.

Honest practical care

we have treated thousands of pets and use our experience and modern medicine to treat practically.
We use our judgement to refer when needed. See what some of our clients say about us