I’m so glad that after having my two adopted Maltese’s dogs for 7 years, I finally met the best vet that I could have ever expected for in Sydney.Dr. Jon is not only high skilled with his profession but very caring with my dogs as it was his own and very honest and with professionalism, alwayshelping me with my questions and giving me the best advice on how to take care of them in the best and honest way, NEVER being greedy ortaking advantage of the situation trying to get money out of my concerns about my dogs health. Even though, if I have to pay a big money,that will be definitely to him because I know it will be fair. He is genuine and honest and I never felt better understood and in peace with whoI trust to look after my dogs that are now 10 and 11 yo. I no longer feel anxious about if I can trust and/or afford to take care of my dogs tryingto give them a better and longer life. He has just moved to Maroubra but thankfully is only 20 minutes driving but I would follow him anywhere he goes.A grateful and happy client.


I highly recommend Stephen Cooney Vet. I Have taken my pug there 5 times this year and he is very caring and easy to talk to. Parking usually available right outside. I’ve been able to take my precious dog to this vet and get immediate and very good attention. Pricing is honest and affordable unlike other vets in the area. I was recommended by my neighbour who also takes her cat to this vet and is very happy with the service.

maree toohey

Dr Jon treated our dog Captain for a problem he had with an injury to his face. The honest and accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment administered by Dr Jon certainly made all the difference in this instance. Not only was Dr Jon’s expertise in treating Captain of the highest standard but the honest and ethical cost of the treatment was remarkable compared to other indications of cost from other Vets. 5 star rating for a 5 star Vet!

Stephen Thomas

Steve is an honest, practical professional. He has been our vet for almost 20 years and has seen our beloved cats for their entire life. I highly recommend this practice.

Beck Lucas

I found Dr Jon Berkowitz ( Veterinarian) so Professional, Kind, Compassionate towards my Toby. He examined my Toby with so much gentleness and provide valued knowledge on how to care for Toby at his later age. It was Dr Jon who picked up Toby needed further investigating of his symptoms, where his general Vet didn’t pick up on anything. Toby has a lot to be grateful for that he came across Dr Jon. Thank you Dr Jon for being You, True Caring Veterinarian. I strongly recommend Dr Jon for his skills and genuinely cheap rates . (Unheard of in the Veterianarian business)

Wanda Debellis

Steven Cooney has been looking after our animals for over 20 years. We have found him to be very honest, providing good value for the services he offers. I would not hesitate to recommend Steven as he is very experienced and caring with his patients doing everything possible to make them comfortable.


Dr Jon is a kind, caring and experienced vet, his consults are much more affordable than other vets in the area and despite this, the appointments are never rushed.

Matt Barker

We got a puppy just after the beginning of the year named Hudson. Before finding doctor Jon we had visited multiple vets, a total of 4 to be exact and spent quite a bit of money on carrying out treatments that did not work. Dr Jon was the first vet to work out what was wrong with Hudson and instead of creating a quick fix he worked his magic and got our little guy back to good health. He is the most reliable, honest and affordable vet we will only go to for Hudson now.


I always use Steve as my first choice vet as he provides a straight forward, reasonable diagnosis everytime (some vets seem to try and scare me into spending more money). And his prices are reasonable. If he does need to refer me (for more specialist attention) he always gives me plenty of options.

Josh Trim

Would highly recommend Dr. Jon! We brought our 8 week old puppy to him when he had a stomach bug and he was so helpful and fixed Kudu right up. He even called a few hours later to check in with us and ensure Kudu’s condition was improving which made us feel really looked after. It is clear that Dr. Jon loves what he does and cares deeply about the animals that come into his care.

Alaina Kiesel

Great service. Very professional. They really care about your pet. It was our first vet consultation and the experience was more than what we expected. Thanks so much!

Martina Kossacoff

Jon Berkowitz was brilliant! So compassionate at a really challenging time for us. So attentive and generous with his time and knowledge. Thank you so much Jon!


Fantastic vet! Would not go to anyone else, you cannot beat the quality of service provided or the price. He really helped our puppy get through the issues with his tummy problems and making sure were able to get some sleep to!

sam katz

DR B. is the Best! Could not recommend him highly enough. I have a 8month old Ridgeback puppy with loads of small issues and Jon is the only vet that actually put the time and effort in to try help my little man. When is the last time you had a Vet reach out to an overseas mate (also a vet) for a second opinion…?! He follows up after every appointment to see if it improved… I mean c’mon. And all of that for a fraction of what other vets would charge… You rock Dr Jon! 🙂

Marco H

We’ve told all our friends in our area about Dr Jon. Every experience has been incredibly impressive. Professional, friendly and very caring (and comparatively inexpensive ! ) Dr Jon even follows up post consultations to check on the patient with tips and advice. Just try once

jamie angel

My little Izah’s experience with Dr Jon was DELIGHTFUL. Dr Jon is very friendly, helpful and informative, he’s absolutely amazing. My kitten is quite jumpy and doesn’t stay at one place for long, Dr Jon still managed to make him comfortable and relaxed. On top of that the vaccinations are very affordable (which comes as a additional bonus when you’re a student) as compared to other places where I took Izah before. Thanks a lot and we look forward to see you again.

Nidhi Saharan

Dr Jon is a wonderful professional vet who my pets love going to see, and his affordable pricing helps keep all my pets in check without breaking my bank account ! Thanks Dr Jon !

Racquel Leah

Dr Jon is a true professional, always super helpful and very caring with my pet. He’s also reasonably priced and happy to offer advice whenever I need. Highly recommended!!

Monique Perera