Specialist Surgery

Orthopaedic, Oncology and Soft tissue Surgery

Whilst a wide range of general surgery can be done by GP vets, there are many surgical conditions that are best left to Surgical Specialists which will result in a more favourable outcome. Specialist surgeons do these procedures routinely versus GP vets doing it occasionally. We use https://animalspecialists.com.au/ who do the surgery at our clinic.

They do specialist surgery here due to the following

We have the latest medications available.

We have a dedicated sterile theatre.

Our patients are kept warm via warm air and not heat pads.

We have drip pumps to measure the exact volume of fluids needed and a fluid warmer.

We have the latest anaesthetic monitoring which includes Heart rate, temperature, ECG, blood pressure, CO2 and O2 levels. Obviously we have well trained vets and nurses for hands-on monitoring.

Honest practical care

we have treated thousands of pets and use our experience and modern medicine to treat practically.
We use our judgement to refer when needed. See what some of our clients say about us